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Jan 19, 2011

Atheists & Agnostics speak out in Arabic (English Sub.)


  1. hello everyone !
    I am Rachid from Morocco and I am an atheist !
    my best friend (he is a muslim by the way) and he is one of the two people that know about my atheism ! he was always cool with this fact and dealt with it open mindedly until yesterday when he saw me eating during the day ( it' Ramadan now) : anyway he was no longer that open minded and started defending Islam in a strange and aggressive manner and broached the topic of ''Miracles in islam''. I refuted all those miracles using my knowledge and documents and some of your great videos ... he then mentioned some sort of another ''miracle'' about the moon ( Inchikak al 9amar) and that it was mentioned in the koran and that scientist discoverd that later ... actually I didn't have any answer for that ... I certainly know that it is another linguistic trick used by muslim scholars , but the fact that I didn't provide him with a clear answer was taken by him as a win !!!

    so , if you have any idea about this '' inchikak al kamar'', then , please,don't hesitate to share and thanks !!

  2. Hi Rachid
    This topic and the related topics mentioned at the end of it may be of help

  3. THANK YOU so much for your quick reply !! I really appreciate it Athir !