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Oct 20, 2007

Atheist Thoughts

Original author of the Arabic text is Almostashar
Link to the original Arabic text
Translated by Duke Fleed

*They claim that God is unlimited by time, while he states in the Koran that he created the earth in six days, and that angels and spirits rise up to him on command in a thousand years.

*They claim that God is not subject to reason, while he states in the Koran that he feels anger, satisfaction, and embarrassment. He can be deceitful, he speaks and asks questions, he laments and tortures. Is this not caused by man and his doing?

*They claim that God does not create in vain, yet he has no need for his creations. Therefore creation is the ultimate vanity.

* Does God need angels and a throne? Of course not! Then their creation is in vain.

*They claim that God is above. Which part of the earth are they talking about, The North Pole or the South Pole?

*Are God and man two separate entities? If the answer is yes, then God is limited by space, and if the answer is no, then man and God are one.

* They claim that man’s misfortunes happen to test his patience. Why do animals suffer the same misfortunes? Does this happen to test their patience as well?

*They claim that God is capable of doing anything by saying “let it be”. We have no proof that it has ever been used; therefore this is a false claim.

*Is punishment for gloating and revenge, or is it for deterring others? If it is for gloating and revenge, then it is an emotionally driven act that is beneath God. If punishment is a deterrent, then what is the value of punishment in the afterlife?

*They claim that God is eternal. Prove it!!

*God is thanked when I do a good deed; however when I do a bad deed God is not cursed. Why do we give God credit when credit is not due?

*God has been created by the primitive mind to explain many phenomena, and the modern mind still adheres to that delusion despite its primitive origin.

*Why is it that in our present time prophets, genies, magic, and paranormal phenomena have not appeared. Ignorance is the birth place of superstitions.

*Hearing the word God always reminds me of injustice, backwardness, racism, ignorance, and evil. All are synonymous with God.

*Religion is ugly makeup to improve the image of God.

*God says that eclipses are signs to intimidate his subjects, and he orders them to pray to dissipate the darkness. Science explains how they happen and how we can predict them and encourages us to enjoy watching them. So who is more knowledgeable?

*God turns murderers into prophets and messengers and lets them into heaven. Hell is the place for philosophers, thinkers, and geniuses.

*They taught us that God exists and is alive and all living things have a creator. Who created God?

*They deny evolution, yet it happens thousands of times every day. Aren’t we all the product of a sperm and an ovum that has evolved to become a human embryo and then further evolved to become an intelligent human? Don’t they realize that?

*Those who claim the existence of God are desperate to detect his existence by uncertain theories and hypotheses.

*Mohamed forgives those who disbelieve in God but does not forgive those who have done him harm.

*Mohamed the messenger of mercy kills treacherously and mutilates his enemies, so how is he different from gang leaders and the Mafia?

*Capturing women and children as spoils of war, looting, and slavery are the results of Mohamed’s wars.

*I do not know what the difference is when you pray to Allah, or a stone, or a cow, or Krishna, or Buddha, or Jesus, the result is always the same.

*I do not know what the difference is when you circle around, idolize, and kiss a stone, and pray to Allah next to it, and when you circle around, and idolize a cow and pray to Krishna next to it. A cow can be more beneficial than a stone.

*Which is more beneficial to humanity and eases its suffering, Prophets of God or scientists and inventors, God’s books or science books?

*Religion considers it wise, logic, and just to cut off the hand of a thief who steals a quarter of a golden dinar (coin), while it does not cut off the hand of a person who steals millions by embezzlement, fraud, or cheating.

*Religion considers it logic and just to stone and whip a poor fornicator while it allows the rich to enjoy sexual relations with an unlimited numbers of female slaves and captive women.

*Religion considers it humane to enslave humans like cattle, legalize slavery, and encourages it during wars, although it is not a human need, while it forbids fornication, although sex is a human need.

*Clerics tell us that the great divine justice mandates the existence of the rich and the poor, the happy and the miserable, the ruler and the ruled, and all are subject to the same test during life. Furthermore, they think it is possible and just for a happy, rich ruler to go to heaven while the ruled who is miserable, and poor might go to hell.

*Do they want us to believe in God or in a hidden mysterious force? If it is the former, what is the evidence of his existence, if it is the latter, we don’t need to believe in it, facts impose themselves.

* When clerics try to convince you of their beliefs, they deceive you and mislead you by omitting some facts and emphasizing others without a conscience just like con men.

* Clerics feel that it is fair to find fault in their opponent’s actions and disregard their own obvious faults.

* It is natural for people to create a particular legislation then replace, modify, or delete it according to the current circumstances. When similar actions are performed by God, they are just as absurd as the absurdity of his existence.

* When the right environment exists, anyone is capable of claiming to be a prophet and people will believe him.

* People who seek the truth only need to open their eyes to find it.

* It is schizophrenic how they turn to the west for knowledge, civilization, prosperity, justice, and freedom, while they despise and curse it at night behind closed doors.

*They bawl from religious platforms and televised media promoting virtue, self denial, and justice, while they are the ones who live in palaces, with extravagant lifestyles, and big bank accounts. They hail and pray in their Friday sermons for the biggest thief, the great adulterer, and the wise unjust.

*They believe that it is fair to spend billions building temples, mosques, and churches and printing holy books, while billions of people suffer and die of poverty, hunger, and ignorance.

* Religions are tools in the hands of clerics and rulers to control the masses.

*The great conspiracy between rulers and clerics still fools the people.

*The holy books only mention the Israelites, and their silly repetitive prophets. What about the civilizations of the old world, the scientists and philosophers and sages of Greece and the Greeks, Assyrians, Romans and Sumerians, China and others who influenced modern world civilizations? Which ones are more worth mentioning?

* Clerics who promote the alleged scientific miracles in the holy books are like a drowning man grasping at a straw, they are very desperate especially after the emergence of the current civilization has bombed their minds, books and religions. Once a scientific discovery has been made, they shamelessly claim that it has been already mentioned in their books. Why haven’t they discovered that before? How come God has not sent with each prophet a physical, chemical, or mathematical law so we can praise and thank him for saving the humanity from ignorance? Instead he bothers us with reading his holy books that are full of repetitive myths, genies, and other nonsense.

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  1. too from muslim background. one of the most inspiring tale. hats off to u